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Our Used Equipment On Sales

Wide range of used construction vehicles in pristine conditions are available for sales. Choose from our vast selection of Used Excavators, Used Dump Trucks, Used Road Rollers and Used Wheel loader that are available on sales now!

Why Purchase a Used Construction Vehicle and not a new one?

  • Used Construction Vehicles are much cheaper and thus helps to lower the initial upfront costs as compared to buying new ones. This will free up your cash flow for other investments!
  • Avoid Initial Depreciation. A 12 months old used construction for sales can beat a new one by as much as 40% with little to no difference in performance.
  • With good maintenance records, a used Construction Vehicle will be able to retain a good value. When it is time to sell, it is possible to be sold near to its purchased price which will further reduce any potential financial losses!


We have a wide selection of  used Construction vehicles on sales. As there are constant movements in our fleet of vehicles, we strongly recommend you to contact us with your requirements and let us shortlist and revert with the choices catered to your needs!

Alternatively, you can whatsapp us on our website for a prompt response from our friendly team!

If there are no requirements for the construction vehicle after the project, you can look at our Construction Vehicles Rental Services instead to avoid un-neccessary purchases.  Contact us to find out more on the vehicles on rental services and the availability of the vehicles!