Rental of Used construction Vehicles

We provide only well maintained and serviceable Excavators, Wheel Loaders and Road Rollers for Rental Services in Singapore only!

Construction Vehicle Rental Services offers construction companies a wide flexibility and choices to overcome short termed needs, ad-hoc requirements to even long term rental solutions. Talk to us and let us understand and recommend solutions to meet your project needs.

Some notes to consider when deciding between renting a Construction Vehicle or looking for a new or used construction vehicles on Sales:

  • Rental Services is an option for construction companies to overcome short term needs like to overcome short down time like servicing and repairs of their purchased construction vehicle.
  • Rented Construction Vehicles can serve as a temporary top up or add on to existing fleet of construction vehicles and hasten proccesses and be in-line with project schedules.
  • Large initial upfront capital for buying new or used construction vehicles while renting keeps upfront investment to the the rental duration required only.
  • Wide range of construction vehicles are available for rent to suit different needs as compared to buying and being limited to the capability of the construction vehicle purchased.
  • Purchasing of used construction vehicles will not have availability issues as compared to renting a construction vehicle.
  • Recurring maintenance costs and Insurance for a purchased construction vehicle.
  • Long term plan and Frequency of use. Buying is cheaper in the long run if there is a need.


Do you need help is deciding between renting our Construction Vehicles or to purchase? Call us and let explore your choices now!

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