Sales of used Construction Vehicle to Singapore and worldwide Clients! We also provide Construction Vehicle Rental Services in Singapore!

Wide selection of Used Wheel Loaders, Used Dump Trucks, Used road rollers and Used Excavators in pristine conditions on sales. Sales of Used Construction Equipment to any parts of the world!

We also offer Construction Vehicles Rental Services in Singapore to address short term ad-hoc needs to facilitating long termed requirements! Choose from our range of well-maintained Excavators, Road Rollers and Wheel Loaders on rental services. Call us to find out more on the range of construction vehicles and availability early to avoid any disappointments!

With more than 20 years of experience in this industry, our Director MR. Foo Kee Cheng have garnered vast knowledge and experience in construction vehicles, meeting project requirements and most importantly, to help meet project deadlines. Trusted by many, we offer used Construction Vehicles on sales to local and worldwide clients. Sales of Used Construction Vehicles have always been the core of the business while Construction vehicle Rental Services addresses needs of Excavators, Road Rollers and Wheel Loaders in Singapore.

With the increasing costs in construction industries, our sales and rental services are designed to help construction companies overcome challenges of increasing costs by lowering initial investments required for construction vehicles! Sales of used construction Vehicles and Construction Vehicle Rental Services helps to free up cash flow for our clients which can be invested into other business operations.

Here are some of our working partners and brands we of construction vehicles we have. For more details, feel free to contact us today!

Partners & Brands

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